Advantages and disadvantage of online prescriptions


Lower price: As there is no rent fees to be paid, online drugstores can offer more attractive prices. Furthermore, some countries can generally offer lower prices due to more appealing national health care policies.

Comfortability: For some of thus it is too difficult to find time for visit to a drugstore, or our physical abilities are limited and create additional inconveniences. Online pharmacies are winning the situation: you do not need to cross your threshold to get the needed drugs.

Anonymity: Health issues can be too personal to share with someone else, even the pharmacist; therefore it is sometimes much more convenient to order online. On the other hand, even online services can breach privacy policies, thus it is necessary to be very careful choosing the provider.

Additional info: Very often together with general info about offered positions, online pharmacies also provide additional facts, reports or guides on drugs.



Unstable pricing: Though appealing at first sight, online prices can change indeed rapidly, which may cause inconveniences. It is important to trace the most up-to-date prices on the Internet resources like eDrugSearch.

Additional payments: It is needed to be particularly careful and not to miss any underwater stones like additional fees that can be skillfully added to the main price for drugs. Most likely these would include shipping cost or some kind of consultation or account fees.

Unreliable source: Though some online pharmacies can be trusted, there are others, the shady ones, that neither provide any contact information nor have appropriate licensing; the drugs they sell may not only be unhelpful, but even harmful for our health. Other kinds of drugs may be poisonous if taken without strict medical observation. Such drugs should never be bought online (among them Clorazil, Accutane and others).