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Why do I get stomach pains at night?

From time to time, each person feels discomfort in the stomach. If they last for a short time and do not cause serious concern, the visit to the hospital can be postponed for a while. In cases that are more serious it is necessary to seek medical help or even call for ambulance. Let's try to find out what causes nighttime stomach pain and what to do if you experience such unpleasant feelings.

What drugs can dilute thick blood?
Everyone knows that the prevention of pathologies of the cardiovascular system can prevent many dangerous diseases, but pay little attention to such an important point as blood viscosity indicators. But from the state of this vital environment, absolutely all the processes that take place in the cells and organs of our body depend. Its main function is to transport respiratory gases, hormones, nutrients and many other substances. When the blood properties change, which consist in its thickening, acidification or increase in the level of sugar and cholesterol, the transport function is signi..
Reviews about Rogaine

Each of us loses about 50-100 hair a day, and even does not notice it. On average, 80-150 thousand of hair grow from the scalp. Even if you do not understand, every day you lose hair, but as a rule, its loss will not be noticeable. This follows from the natural cycle of hair growth, which has several stages - anagen, catagen and telogen. In the days when we wash hair, it can fall our up to 250. This number is not a reason to worry. What should bother us? We can assume that the problem begins when the amount of hair falls below 50 per cm2. When we find it in large quantities on the pillow, in the sink, in the shower - there are gaps and a noticeable thinning of the hair. Then the problem arises to diagnose from a specialist, and to seek solutions.

Bimatoprost for long lashes
The dream of any woman is to become the most attractive and charming. Without a charming look, the beautiful look of a woman will not be full. And how to achieve this result? Definitely, only with the help of beautiful eyelashes!
Basic rules for the care of eyelashes:
  1. If you are unhappy with the look of your own eyelashes, experts advise a constant and quality care for them. Here are a few basic moments of care.
  2. Do not use soap to remove makeup.
  3. In no case trim your eyelashes.
  4. Do not rub your eyes, as this can damage the hair follicles.
  5. Apply Bimatoprost to replenish eyelashes.
Is it safe to give nootropics for kids?
The purpose of “smart drugs” is to provide reinforcing and stimulating effects on the main functions of the brain. Adults who take these drugs often say that they have better memory, mental abilities, much better tolerate stressful situations. But what about nootropics for children? Can children take nootropics?
What are nootropics (smart drugs)?

Every person is endowed with certain abilities and ambitions, but unfortunately people age with time, and we are unable to think as fast in old age as when we were young and remembered everything. But there’s a silver lining — modern medicine, offers a huge amount of opportunities to people. For all people, regardless of the type of activity, medicine makes it possible to improve the memory and work of the brain, with the help of special drugs; such pills are called nootropics. Such medications for improving brain function are needed at any age and for people involved in different activities and occupations, they will help you become more concentrated, and also these drugs have a positive effect on the mind as a whole.

A review on Nootropil and its properties

About Nootropil heard all those who at least once thought about the capabilities of the human brain and ways to improve its functions. Students, tired young moms and busy people who spend all their energy at work — these are people among whom this drug is particularly popular. So, let's talk about all the pros and cons of this medication.

Symptoms of premenopause
The second half of a woman's life is a difficult period when her childbearing function is reduced. At this time, it becomes difficult to cope with their emotions. And here the main thing is to understand what is happening and in time to seek help. After all, today the treatment of most pathology which brings menopause has been developed.
Symptoms of premenopause:
Production of estrogen does not "turn off" overnight. The beginning of this process, as a rule, is smooth - and the woman does not immediately notice any changes in her condition. Often, the first thing that she draws attention to is not the violation of the menstrual cycle, but a decrease in the elasticity of the skin, hair, their dryness, fragility, the appearance of wrinkles, and so on. These phenomena can be called the first messengers of premenopause.
But the true symptoms of this condition are the following:
Reviews about Aromasin
Many women after climax notice many new symptoms that are taken as usual natural process however they should be warned about the high risk of cancer. Timely observed symptoms can save a life because the treatment is time-tested and every year scientists are opening up new and more effective treatment regimens.
For a long time, the drug Tamoxifen was considered one of the most effective in the fight against breast cancer as a hormonal treatment. Many people do not know that this type of cancer has a different status of estrogen receptors and it is this drug that is most effective with a positive status, reduces mortality and the risk of relapse. The scientists decided to investigate this drug more and check whether it would be advisable to use Aromasin after 2-3 years of treatment or vice versa, the standard treatment should be continued. And indeed, for some cases, this combination is very successful, but this does not mean that all women need to immediately use this treatment scheme because as each drug Generic Aromasin can cause consequences that are life threatening to patients.
Causes of renal colic
Renal colic is a common pathology that can develop in patients of any age and sex. Its attack inflicts extreme pain on a person. Sometimes it is said that renal colic causes unbearable suffering. Therefore, it is so important to quickly provide the patient with emergency medical care. The cause of renal colic is obstruction of the urinary tract. It can occur at any level, not only in the kidney itself, but also lower, for example, in the ureter or even in the bladder. The outflow of urine can block the stone - this is the most common option.
Urine accumulates above the clogging area and begins to stretch the kidney tissue. In response, they begin to reflexively contract, trying to "push" excess fluid further along the urinary tract. At the same time, the blood flow in the kidney is disturbed, and its edema develops.
Hypertension and erectile dysfunction
Sex plays an important role in the lives of both women and men. It influences our mood, helps us to relax and rest. But sometimes some diseases prevent a person from enjoying it. One of these diseases is hypertension. Today we will talk about the connection between hypertension and erectile dysfunction.
Many men are worried about this problem; some are worried that maybe they should forget about sex once and for all.
How to deal with watery eyes?
Everybody periodically has tears in their eyes. Big problems causes excessive watery eyes, which prevents us from habitually living and acting. In order to adequately cope with this phenomenon, it is worthwhile to understand its various causes.
The human eye is a very vulnerable organ, less able to withstand the effects of the external environment than others. Therefore, various mechanisms for the protection of its tissues are provided. And tears are one of the most important factors in maintaining eye health:
• A tear moisturizes the surface of the cornea and mucous membrane, maintains them in a normal state;
• Tears are not just a liquid. They form a layer on the surface of the eye, which serves as a protection against the ingress of small foreign bodies, atmospheric influences (unfavorable temperature, wind);
Cialis and high blood pressure

Men of all ages want as long as possible to enjoy the sex life. And it's easy to understand. Nevertheless sometimes there comes such a moment that it is impossible to have sex without the help of ED drugs. Cialis is a favorite of many men among such medicines. Very often indirect or direct cause of sexual impotence is hypertension. Can I take Cialis with high blood pressure? This question bothers many people. Attacks of hypertensive disease are not an absolute contraindication for the use of this sex stimulant. Persons suffering from high blood pressure may take this drug after consulting the doctor and correcting the main treatment.

Causes of dry lips
Dry lips is not just a cosmetic defect. This condition indicates a violation of health. Therefore, you should immediately pay attention to it, understand the reasons and begin competent treatment. This is especially important if the dryness of the lips is observed in the child - because all the processes in the child's body go faster than the adult.
Causes of dry lips:
Let's start our review with external reasons. The skin on the lips is thin and sensitive, so any aggressive effects quickly affect its condition. Unfavorable conditions, in which the lips dry up, begin to peel and crack are the following:
Mercury poisoning

Mercury vaporization today still remains the most common and problematic hazard among the known for today's chemical or domestic pollution. The problem is complicated by the fact that mercury is extremely toxic, and its evaporation is very volatile, evaporation increases depending on the conditions in which pollution occurred. Moreover, in some cases, when entering with other chemicals, very harmful poisonous substances are formed in assistance. In any case, whether pure mercury or its compounds, any of its evaporation is harmful and deadly to humans.